Time for a Change

Q4ME is the only mobile app that waits patiently in line for you leaving you free to use your phone until you’re connected.

Time Is Precious;

Is Precious;

The one thing that money can’t buy. Being kept waiting on hold when you need to speak to service providers is a waste of time and hugely frustrating. With Q4ME, waiting on hold is now a thing of the past.


Admit losing their temper at call centre operative when finally connected


Have hung up before even getting through


Try to solve the issue themselves rather than use ‘last resort’ calling

This unique facility allows users to make calls & use their phones whilst Q4ME is on hold on their behalf, savings members valuable time.

Their phone will ring as soon as the queue has been navigated & a call centre operative is there ready to talk to them in real life.

Q4ME deals in the currency of time.
Each member gets access to their own personalised 'time bank' that shows in hours and minutes how much time the app has saved them.

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