EDF Energy Contact Number

EDF Energy Contact Number

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EDF energy ranked joint 20th out of 25 energy companies rated by 7,460 members according to Which. It’s no surprise that the EDF Energy Contact Number is popular amongst internet searches. For the most part, EDF energy customers were not optimistic about their experiences.

According to a survey, EDF had a high level of complaints (over 17) per 1,000 customers during the first six months of 2020. Moreover, they managed to resolve a mere 57% of them promptly, compared to 90% for other companies. Thus, Unhappy customers seek the EDF Energy Contact Number to attempt to resolve their problems.

EDF is rated as “Bad” by 17% of consumers on Trustpilot. But the company is considered a “big 6” provider, with 11% of the market. Their competitors, also comprise the ‘big 6’ collectively account for 70% of energy providers, according to recent Ofgem data.

EDF customers need the Contact Number to solve their energy issues. It took 13 minutes 26 seconds to answer a call from an EDF customer. It is more than an average of 31 other energy companies. 

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