EE Customer Service Number

EE Customer Service Number

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The EE Customer Service Number is used hundreds of times a day. EE is one of the most extensive mobile networks. But it couldn’t gather much enthusiasm from its customers in Which’s latest satisfaction survey. EE only ranked in 10th place out of 15 providers: – Which?

41% of EE customers say they’re ‘very satisfied’ with the EE customer service. That, however, does leave a massive 59% unhappy with the wait times that come with being an EE customer.

We can understand to getting through to an EE customer helpline can be a real struggle. Firstly, Our team tested calling the EE Customer Service Number. After that, We had to wait on hold for just over 20 minutes to get through to a real person.

According to Huffington Post, ‘EE, the UK’s largest mobile network, ranked poorly, coming in second from last, shortly followed by O2.’ The stress levels were for customer service and queue times.

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